No Spotify Audio Through Odroid HiFi

Hi All - I’m a newbie with Volumi0 and got Volumio 1.55 to run on my Odroid C1+ with the Odroid HiFi shield this weekend. I can’t get Spotify to play through the DAC but I can play audio files from USB through the DAC, just not Spotify. Spotify plays through HDMI though. Can anyone help me where to start? Thank you!

which image did you use? Is it the version from 21.11.2015?

Edit: can you list the contents of spopd.conf (without user/password :slight_smile: )

I quickly checked this, HDMI is hw:0, which is the default value in /etc/spopd.conf
When selecting the output device, this configuration does not get changed, which is a bug in 1.55 (at least for the C1 version).
So you have to set it to hw:1 for the HiFi shield

Thanks! Yes, I’m using the version from 21.11.2015.

Contents of spopd.conf:

spotify_username = ***
spotify_password = ***
audio_output = sox

cache_size = 20
output_type = alsa
output_name =  plughw:0

Ok, change

output_name =  plughw:0


output_name =  plughw:1

Then it should work.

That did it! Thank you so much!


I also have the problem that my Hifi shield dac doesnt work through spotify.
I have tried to edit spopd.conf, but I got the message that spopd.conf doesnt exist?
I have installed the version of 23-11-2015. Is there a file that has to be edit, or does the edit has to be in volumio cmd, after the odroid power is on?