No Spinning Icon While Scanning

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: rPI Zero W
DAC: USB Dragonfly Black

When connecting to Volumio from iMac desktop (Safari Big Sur latest, all patches applied), the web window can be quite large. When wider than 1356 px, responsive layout removes the Browse, Search, Settings buttons from the bottom of the screen and adds a side navigation area to the left. However, since there is no “note icon” since there is no Browse, there is also no spinning icon while (re)scanning or updating.

I would value a reliable indicator that is independent (or at least sensitive to) responsive layout to show the progress and status of scanning, while it is in progress. During initial scan, the file count ticks up, so I can see progress (or lack of progress). But I have no target, since the number of tracks, albums, artists is not known in advance.

I would therefore reiterate what others have requested, that we would value a progress bar integrated into the display somewhere.

Pre-counting the number of files in the NAS file directory hierarchy, then ticking them off as you consider them, is sufficient. Some files will be studied briefly, then skipped as irrelevant; other files will be music tracks that require more processing, and of course image files. Importantly, it is the number of files in the directory hierarchy that drives the scanning process and so that is the measure of 100%… what percentage of files (or file names) has Volumio studied… I believe that’s what the progress bar should show.

And shown in a manner that is sensitive to the responsive layout mechanics.