No sound out of HiFi Berry DAC with Volumio2 (0.928)

I upgraded to the current version (0.928) of Volumio today. Everything is working except sound out of the HiFi Berry DAC. The DAC appears to be recognized and configured properly in the Playback Options, but there is no sound coming out. Volumio works as it should with Audio Jack output.

Am I missing something with the HiFi Berry? Are there any known issues?

I had the same problem and downgraded back to 1.55 under which the HiFi Berry DAC works fine.

I’ve had the same issue. I think I resolved it by following these instructions: … ux-3-18-x/

If I recall correctly some of those steps where not doen on the standard volum io2 image, others were.

Beware, volume control is not working, but at east I do have sound.

I’m not sure with this means:

Edit: I think this is related:

Hi, I have facing same problem. Then I am seen the soldering problem on my Hifiberry DAC. After repairing, I have no problem with it. You can also try HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro is specially designed for the use with Raspberry Pi.