No sound on Odroid C2 + HifiShield+

I was perfectly able to install v0981 for Odroid C2 (which can be found at the download page now) on my Odroid C2. Mounted the music folder on my NAS and started to play a song, all via browser, but I don’t hear anything. And yes, I’ve connected the HifiShield+ to my amplifier. DAC setting = ODROIDDAC and DoP on, Volume Normalization off (the default settings, at least in my situation).

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Did you restart after configuring ODROIDDAC?

I did reboot it several times.
However: this evening I got sound!
Next thing: no volume control.
And although Volumio interface looks very nice and very responsiveness, it sometimes seems to respond slightly slower.
BTW: I was able to set the volume to “-2” once.
To be continued.