No Sound from YBA Genesis IA3A with USB connected to Raspberry with Volumio

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I am new here on this community but i did search after my YBA Genesis IA3A but found nothing.

So here is the thing…
I did a fresh new volumio install on my raspberry pi 3B. From my RP i connected a USB cable to my YBA GENESIS IA3A INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. When the install was finished i started volumio from the “volumio.local” and then choose my amplifier as output. Then i bought the superstar subscription.

I have connected my NAS to Volumio and play music from it and no sound.
I have log in on spotify and play music from it and no sound.
I have pulled out all the cables and put them back in and then started up the raspberry and no sound.
I have changed to I2S DAC and reboot the system and then change back to my Genesis IA3A and no sound.

My YBA Genesis IA3A use a DAC: Cirrus Logic CS4398.
I have played music from a laptop before with windows 10 and i have also played music from it on my raspberry pi 3b with a linux operating system. Then i did have to delete all playback devices without my Genesis IA3A so it was the first(and only) in line.

I have read about people useing the same DAC: Cirrus Logic CS4398 in Marantz PM7005 and it works for them.

What can i do to get it work? Any suggestions ? :slight_smile:

Regards Joakim

Hi again.

If anyone else got the same problems like i had i figured out how to solve it :slight_smile:

I had to disable my raspberry pi 3b’s own sound card “snd_bcm2835” so my sound card was the only one left. After that i had to encode so my card inside my amplifier was set to index = 0.

Then i activated so Volumio played sound card 0 and device 1 instead of device 0. Now it works just fine :slight_smile:

I commando that i used to try out which of my devices that was working:
speaker-test -Dhw:0,1 -c2 -twav
I use “0,1” and it means "sound card 0, device 1