No sound from Volumio + Cambridge CXA61

Hi everyone,

I would need some support. I just purchased a Raspberry Pi4 to have it as media player, never had a Raspberry before…
Installation and configuration went well (I guess). When choosing the dac I went for “generic I2S dac” since my amp/dac was not on the list.
I connect it through usb port to the usb input of my Cambridge Audio CXA61, the usb stick with music was recognised. The only problem is that absolutely no sound is coming from my system. Tracks are playing (also tried with web radio) but it seems that it isn’t communicating with the dac.

Can it be a compatibility issue? I really don’t know what to do from here…

You would need to tell the RPI that the USB Output was required not I2S, I’d have thought since the CXA61 has a usb input not I2S. So try looking for a USB dac in the list. The spec is fairly generic so several might work, the only thing which might not be fully functional is ‘hardware’ volume via the app but since you’re probably using the volume control on the CXA61 this won’t matter.

Any other thoughts from others?

EdW thank you!

It was so easy and still I was missing it! Works perfectly now.

Thank you

Good that you’ve got it working. Enjoy the music!