No sound after installing gcc

Hi everyone,
I’ve got the following hardware : RPi 2 + IQAudio DigiAmp+.
It worked fine until today when I decided to have a look at installing the rotary encoder I purchased : … witch.html

In order to get the rotary encoder to work, I needed to install this :
I recompiled the c file provided (I was under the impression I needed to change the mixer’s name in the default c file, which turned out probably wrong but anyway…)
In order to recompile this file, I installed gcc on my Volumio RPi, which upgraded a few packages…

Do you think it could be the reason why it’s not working any longer?
I’m seeing no error messages in dmesg nor in journalctl…
When I start playing a song I can hear my speakers getting something from the RPi, and same when I pause the song, but there is definitely no sound coming out…

Any idea? Do you think the upgraded packages could cause the problem? Anything else I could check apart from dmesg and journalctl?
Just want to have another opinion before I reinstall everything :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

I think this can be a volume issue, rather than a compiler issue…
Check in alsamixer