No resampling selected, still downsampling

I started with Volumio today and after some initial troubles with sd image and the shared disk (solutions posted in other part of the forum) we are up and running.
Our music library has albums in different quality: 16/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96 and 24/192. The Raspberry is connected via HDMI to a Rotel Digital Receiver. Files and Receiver are definitely ok, directly played from my Macbook via HDMI the displayed values match the tracks.

When played from Volumio, the Receiver displays 44.1k for CD Quality files (which is fine) and 48k for all the other files - so the tracks are downsampled. In the settings, Audio output format (resampling) is set to disabled.

Any advice what I am missing?

IIRC in another thread is mentioned that HDMI will ever downsample to 44 - 48.

Is this considered a bug that will be fixed soon or a “feature”?

Don’t worry, there is nothing to hear beyond 48k. I would rather focus on the 24 bits, those may be more important.

I don’t want to mess the Raspberry with the files, just output to the DAC as they are. Resampling is just another point of possible failure.

Have you checked ALSA settings?

ALSA Settings? I don’t know what you mean - are there settings different from Web UI playback? In this area, I set the “do not resample” option.