No plugin store anymore on second device (Virtuoso)

Since the update to Volumio 3.173, I no longer have access to the plugin store on my Pi Zero.
I get an error message: ‘MyVolumio required for plugins’
In the beta fase plugin store worked flawlessly

I am a Virtuoso subscriber. I use 2 Raspberry Pi’s with Volumio

  • Virtuoso is active on my Pi 3B, connected to my main home stereo.
    On this setup I use Tidal as well.

  • My Pi zero is connected to my kitchen radio for webradio and Spotify use (no need for here Tidal, won’t hear difference with Spotify). Virtuoso is not active here.

Plugin store is listed in the Volumio Free features, so why is it not available on my second device?

It is free but you need to connect to myvolumio Ith a free account.

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I managed to create a second (free) account in the Android app.
Virtuoso for the Pi3B and Free for the PiZero.