No output option for spdif or coaxial

Hi everyone, installed a sound hat on my raspberry pi 2 this morning. Previously had it running through hdmi. So connected up spdif lead to digital controller, started Volumio on my iPad, the only output options available are hdmi and headphone. Please can someone tell me how to get the spdif option, will I need to instal a different version of Volumio?

Thank you

Volumio Version:

Well, you could start with mentioning which dac you installed.
Perhaps someone can help you then.

Hi thank you, I am not very technical and I am sure that you get a lot of people like me. I have read through all the information in the forums and discovered that the card, only a sound card not a doc, has the wolfson chip? And is not supported. I find understanding the terms used in Linux very difficult not understand but I am now trying the advice of a member, i have downloaded the Wolfson Raspian image created by Ragnar Jenson and I hope to instal Volumio onto that.
Thank you for you help

Sorry, you cannot install volumio on an existing image.
Volumio is not an application, it is an integrated player/OS image which you need to flash to an SD card.

Hi thank you I am referring to an article by BostonEngineered modified on October 18 2020. In tha last paragraph he say “ I downloaded custom Wolfson image created by Ragnar Jenson. Flashed it to my sd card booted it up and it recognised my Wolfson card. I installed MPD and managed to get it to play a flac file using Gnome Music. Ebsy has a tutorial on these forums for installing Volumio on the PiBang distro I tried it on Raspian And it works. I have got the Volumio web interface working on a Wolfson card”

Can I ask if there are any plans to add Wolfson card compatibility to Volumio?THANK YOU AGAIN

links to the articles please.
If I’m not mistaking, you are still referring to a Volumio version from 2014!!, one does not exist anymore. Volumio is very different now and can NOT be installed on an another distro because Volumio is a distro.
The Volumio support you are asking can not be done.

Hi I have finally sorted my problem out. I have a raspberry pi 2 and I bought a cheap sound hat on flea bay from China. The description of the sound hat which is labelled “ Pi Fi Digi+ ver.1” said that it has the Wolfson chip onboard. I spent hours researching how to get the hat to work. Eventually I found the answer on this forum. Installed the latest Volumio onto my pi then I set the playback option to HiFiBerry Digi in the Dac 12s option. Connected to my dac with either optical or coaxial cable, restarted the Volumio and fantastic MUSIC came out.

Glad that you made it!! Enjoy :wink: