No network connection after Update 2.779 to 2.799

Hi folks,

I’ve recently updated my two volumio-pies (3B) as described above over the GUI.
Both are not reachable anymore, even ping doesn’t work.
No matter if pinged over its dns record or the IP directly.
My Fritz!Box doesn’t show them as connected anymore.

One has a HifiBerry DAC Pro+, the other one a HifiBerry Digi+.

I did a system update and a reboot successfully right before the volumio update.

Did anyone of you experience this so far?
What can I do?


Couldn’t figure out why they weren’t reachable anymore.
2.799 seems to be buggy in several ways anyway.
Reinstalled both devices with the up to date 2.799 image and they became unavailable during the configuration several times (no, not because I changed the IP or something like that). I don’t know why, never had this kind of problems before.
They are both working fine for now and I hope they don’t change their minds.