No matter what song I select I can not stream higher than 48khz with 24 bit

This is my setup. I have a Toppins D10S USB connected to raspberry pi4 running 2.917. My subscription is Viruoso. I have the highest subscription to Tidal. If I select any Master MQA I can not get anything higher than 48 kHz 24 bit. Am I doing something wrong?

The Topping D10s is no MQA en/decoder. That means you will get Tidal Masters only in 48/24

Any idea on a usb DAC that supports MQA that won’t break the bank?

No idea, I do not know this device. A long discussion is already here about MQA and Volumio.
My setup for Tidal is the Pi4 with the full MQA capable iFi Zen DAC V2. This gives me up to 24/96 with Tidal in Volumio.
The only way I found to get highest hidden resolution in Tidal is either in Roon or in Audirvana setting Volumio only as output and do it all in Roon or Audirvana.
But, by the way, I do not know how high-end your system is. With my Accuphase chain I cannot hear a difference between 24/48 or 24/192. Maybe it depends on my old ears…

You asked another DAC. This post disappeared…