No Library Tab


I’m running v1.55 on a Raspberry Pi2 with a USB drive connected with my music collection. I can see and play my files just fine through the browse tab, but cannot see or find the library tab at all.

So, I can see and play my music this way:

but cannot for the life of me access the library, like this:

If anyone can help, I’d appreciate some guidance.

My dev skills are rudimentary at best, so if you’re going to get me into the Pi via SSH, pretend you’re talking to a fool, and over-explain. I can and have done it, but it’s not a natural skill set for me. Go easy on me.


You need to enable the library view in the settings page. I believe you can choose to set it as an tab or under the browse tab.

In 1.55 it is disabled because of problems with larger music collection’s.

I never really use it so I’m not sure about the tab option. I barely have a music collection…