No ip after reboot


I wrote small startup script on my volumio pi that check if my darkice/icecast2 server is online. When connection is lost, the raspberry with volumio has to do an reboot. After the reboot it seems that the pi with volumio doesnt got any ip. I placed a static ip into the dhcpcd.conf and also tried a dhcpcd restart in the script, but no succes.

Any suggestions?


is it possible to ping your pi?

Nope, not possible. Only a new reboot can fix it or dhcpcd restart can get the ip back.

and do you a a problem if you leave volumio with a dynamic IP?

I had the same issue by dynamic IP.

I solved it with setting my Fritz!Box to “allways use the same IP” for Volumio after the first lease.

But you alternatively may assign the IP by Volumio settings.


If i use the ip config of volumio itself, , iT always put the masking to after a reboot