No HDMI Video or Audio after installing Touch Screen Plug-In

hey guys, I am running Volumio 3 on a RPI4 and am having an issue with HDMi output. I am trying to output the Ui and audio to my receiver. Audio works well until I download the Touch Screen plugin. It works fine other than being in 480p until the first reboot and then neither audio or video works over HDMI until the plugin is uninstalled; simply disabling it does not help.

I read in the guide to try disabling the plugin and re-enabling it a couple of times, but no dice there either.

What is the brand and exact model name of your display?

Do you have the display connected to HDMI0 (the port next to the USB-C connector) of the Pi4?

Please connect to Volumio via SSH and post the results of

cat /boot/config.txt

cat /boot/userconfig.txt