no connection after reboot on raspberry pi

I installed Volumio on sd card for Raspberry pi.
For the first start everything works. But after the first reboot, I cannot see my volumio anymore. (by web interface or MPod app).
Sometimes I can pinging the device works.

If I flash the sd card again it works till the next reboot.

I tested on two different Raspis. The same issue.

With the previous version (raspyfi) there was no problem.


Im having the exact same problem.

I had the same problem, in my case the problem turned out to be a bad SD card i changed it with a new one and now my problems are gone.

I hope this helps others

The same here. But problem is gone using berryboot and special img file of volumio for that.

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So it is here

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My Raspi had the same symptoms but the cause was the powersupply: the cable used to connect the Pi and the power supply was not good enough. (It works well with other equpment but not with the Pi).
So, after powering up with a better power cable, Volumio booted and rebooted as it should.

I had the same symptom and could solve the issue by disabling ffmpeg in mpd.conf. This thread explains how to do so: