No audio with Bluetooth

I’m running 2.773 on a Pi 3b+ trying to playback over Bluetooth from my Pixel 4 XL running Android 10.

I can connect over Bluetooth and I can even see what’s playing over Bluetooth on the “currently playing” screen in Volumio, but there is no sound.

If I have Volumio playback something over SMB, playback works fine, so I think the connection to my DAC is fine.

Also, if I use my Pixel 4 XL with other Bluetooth devices, playback works fine.

I’ve tried reconnecting, re-pairing, but so far nothing has helped. I’m trying rebooting the Pi… still no sound.

Is this a known issue? The official manual says there is no Bluetooth support. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

i have the same problem

the management of bluetooth is bad, often the signal does not arrive, when it arrives it has gaps, and many times you have to wake up the system that gets stuck …
sorry the outburst, was a bit that I was not using more volumio, but it seems to me that the philosophy of “light and slender volumio” is being lost the new version are full of “optional” and and the system is looking like a windows full of bugs for all the functions that get stuck …
maybe all these problems are also due to the new rasperry pi4?
however, the impression I have is that before with the raspberry pi2 and volumio 1 I heard music all day without interruptions while now if I can hear it for 1 consecutive day without interruptions it is a miracle …

Having heard nothing on this thread is disappointing, especially as a paying subscriber. I just found after clicking on an FAQ link on the bottom of Is that the right place for support requests? If so, it’s rather difficult to find.

Now I’m also having trouble with DSD playback where I’m hearing regular pops. I’m debating whether to give up on Volumio and just buy a commercial streamer. I don’t want to spend my listening time trying to debug playback issues.