no audio with airplay

I can select airplay on mine Ipad it is sending the metadata and the clock is running
but nosound
Local song plays fine
Update to the latest version volumio 2323 17nov2017

Hardware is a rasp pi model 3 with hifiberry dac plus

log shows
2017-11-21T14:40:28.806Z - info: Pushing Favourites {“service”:“airplay”,“uri”:"",“favourite”:false}
2017-11-21T14:40:28.808Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , getConfigParam
2017-11-21T14:40:28.809Z - info: Pushing Favourites {“service”:“airplay”,“uri”:"",“favourite”:false}

… sorry for posting a “me2”: No sound via AirPlay from High Sierra MacBook to volumio 2.323 on Raspi3 with HifiBerry DAC