No artwork shown for WAV files

No artwork shown for WAV files, both on the web interface and the Android app.
test.wav file attached (with no copyright infringement) embedding an artwork picture.
As a side note, the same problem is present with DSD files, but for this last case I cannot provide a test file.

Volumio Version: 2.632 (1.15 MB)

Hi, we don’t fetch the integrated albumart (it posed some serious performance issues).
You don’t see albumart in WAV files because they don’t have metadatas. But you can solve by putting the albumart image file in the files folder, and then refresh the albumart cache (from my music)

Hi Michelangelo,

I typically place a cover.jpeg file in the folder and this did not show up as artwork.
Take for instance the one attached, is it a legit file for what concerns size and file type?
It is completely ignored and the default Volumio artwork is shown instead (the one with the VOLUMIO writing). Also note that for folders with music files, but without any picture file at all, a simple folder icon is shown, not the default Volumio artwork. This is also odd, the behaviour seems inconsistent, as if the fact that a picture was recognized, but its loading somehow failed and the defalt VOLUMIO artwork was used instead.