NFS share brings down volumio?

After few hours past the mounting of an NFS share suddenly the webinterface ceased to respond. The music continued to play and it is possible to log in with SSH but not responding on any volumio command. I waited some time but no change.
After checking the 16GB sd-card on my laptop it showed there is no space anymore. Some MB left free only.
Before I have used an usb drive to bring my collection to volumio but was happy when the NFS share worked so no need to carry the drive back and forth again.
Does volumio try to copy all files from the share (~74GB) to the card???
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Excuse my errors but my language is not en :wink:

No - the library is not copied to the sd card!

Did you allow enough time to expand the extra space on you sd card when you booted it for the first time?

SSH to your device and run ‘df’ at the prompt. It will list all of your partitions and you can check. The expanded space is shown as ‘overlay’ I think. it should show something like this for the relevant partition:

overlay 14G 2.7G 10G 21% /

If it doesn’t then you need to either re-flash the SD card and allow a good 10 minutes on the first boot, or use another means to expand the free space.

Wow…thx for the fast reply :slight_smile:

the sd card is fully expanded. See attachment.
Now i am running volumio on a spare card (16GB) with the mentioned usb drive.
After my music-session I will check the free space on the card.
Hmm…I wonder what caused the sd card to get full…


You need to check the SD card from Volumio. It’s no good to pull the SD card and check in something else. Run Volumio then SSH to it and run ‘df’. Then you can see how the space is used.

Hoia :slight_smile:

since I put volumio2 on another card everything is working fine. No full card anymore…
I enjoy very much the use of this programm and (as YOU should do also) a donation is on the way…
Very good work boys&girls…keep up the good work.

Greetings from Carinthia(Austria)

sry…my fault…there is no way to donate…only shop
Point is: if someone uses volumio normaly have the equipment allready…hmm?
Folks…open up a way to donate to your project…i’m in…

!! edit: when you are not logged in there is a ‘Donate’ button. Ok.