NFS mount not found

I have a RPi 1B with volumio installed on 2 sd-Cards.
My wired network connection is static.
On One SD Card i have a NFS mount to my synology NAS, which is working.
On the other testing SD Card i also try to add the same NFS mount but volumio won’t mount it.
Even when i choose a different static ip address (both RPi and NAS nfs mount) it Will not connect.

Anyone an idea why this problem occurs?

I have too many problems with an NFS.

My solution is to add it manually.

Edit /etc/fstab    /mnt/NAS/Medienserver    nfs    ro    0    0

Create the folder in /mnt

Don’t forget to edit /etc/exports on the NFS Server.

sudo mount -a

Now you can add the share in the webui and ready.

Thanx, i’ll give it a try.