Next Track Jumps to Random Radio instead of next USB Music


I just installed Volumio 2.729 on Allo Digione Signature and the next track does not jump to the next song when I play music from a USB stick :frowning: . Although it sees all the albums and tracks and the tracks play fine when I click on them individually.

The same happens from the playlist and the queue.

It always jumps to some random radio station.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Make sure random is not on :wink: Go to queue, there are some buttons on the higher part of the display, check that random is not checked


Thanks for your quick reply, the random buttons are not selected.

I noticed that if I click on a song it will not go to the next track in that album, it goes to the next song in a queue, if there were other songs in the queue.

However, if I click the play button next to the album (when inside the album directory) then the next and previous buttons work properly.

What is the best way to organize music files for Volumio? maybe I am not saving the files the correct way in the USB stick.