Newby Volumio/RaspberryPi3 Question

Total newby to Volumio and raspberry pi. I have a Pi3 with the 7in touchscreen. I downloaded Volumio and installed it on SD card and got it up and running on the pi. I copied about 6 gigs of music on the SD card and have been using it in my car and in my garage. I use an audio jack to connect the pi to my home receiver and my car’s Aux jack. Everything works fine in those configurations.

My question is, on my home computers, apple Iphone6, and apple and Samsung tablets I access Volumio via the web interface and I get the UI up and running and can control the program but I don’t get any sound out of any of the devices, what am I missing? I’ve tried plugging the audio jack from the pi to my computers and tablets but that doesn’t work. How do you get the sound to play on other devices?


Your mobile devices act as remotes, not rendering devices. As of now, you cannot get any sound out of these. Only your server (raspberry) will be able to stream sound to your speakers.

But we can hope this could change in a near future…

Thanks for the reply. Didn’t really see anything in the documentation on the subject or any questions. Would be a nice addition to the app. Thanks again.

Hello and Happy new year
by the way, again a very big thanks to the voumio “team” and all the awesome that has been realized.

if you want to listen the music ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICES, i guess the solution is to use the DLNA protocol.
It will allow you to choose where the music is going to be played (on which mobile devices).

with an application (for example bubbleUPNP), you will choose “volumio” for renderer and “your mobile device” for player.
i’m not sure wether the current version of Volumio already includes the DLNA server part or if we need to install and launch the minidlna

you can search for DLNA in this forum, for example some informations are here