Newbie dac dac Pioneer To primo

Sorry for my french/english. I manadged To install the primo on my network and i read the files from my nas. The dac in the primo Is fine enough , but i just wanted To try my network audio payer n 50a Pioneer. Connecter in USB To the primo, it appears in my output sélection. Problem is some audio files are read correctly some are audio fuss . Do you have a clue ? Tank fou.

I have to admit to being puzzled; the Primo and the N-50A do the same job, they’re both network audio players. Why would you feed one from the other? That’s always going to introduce the possibility of corruption, no matter what the specs and manufacturers say…

Thank you for the answer, in fact, I thought I could use the dac of the Pioneer alone and check which one has the better sound (the 50A is listed in the supported dac by Volumio). ANd there is a “digital in usb dac” on the rear panel of the Pioneer. I am totally confused… If somebody has tried an external dac with the primo ? But the primo by itself is alrady very good.
sic That’s why we equipped it with Analog Out (as you would expect from a music player) USB (no surprise here as well, as it comes with ANY single board computer) but also S\PDIF. So you’ll be able to use its DAC or any external DAC via USB or SPDIF to your liking.

Ah, so you’d use the Primo as a transport to the Pioneer. I can’t comment on how the Primo would behave; @Michelangelo?

So, Primo can feed any USB DAC and I can understand that people with high quality DACs might prefer this option.

If the DAC is compatible with Linux, then it will work fine with the Primo (although we received a feedback on one specific DAC model with a very old receiver which was behaving weirdly).

Hope that helps