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Volumio 3 Issues?

I bought a miniDSP SHD for Dirac and have been using Volumio on my Android tablet to stream Qobuz. I’m not crazy about it, but it works. I would like to have Volumio on my Win 11 laptop, too. Downloaded the zip file and then the Quick Start guide. I expected to click on the zip file to extract and then install, like any other Win app, but no. The Quick Start Guide is unintelligible to me. What is this stuff about putting an image on a USB drive??? When I click on the downloaded file nothing happens. As I said, the Quick Start Guide is useless. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Have you tried using the web ui instead of installing Volumio on the pc?
You can obtain the IP address of the miniDSP by going to the Settings/Network in Volumio on the iPad. Then just type that address into your browser address bar.

Carlos62 - Thanks very much. I will try the Volumio website via Chrome immediately. But, Lord, why couldn’t they just say that???


Volumio is not a program/app, it’s a operating system (OS) in the same way as Windows itself.

So your miniDSP is running Volumio OEM as the operating system.