Newbie (be gentle) Settings to add a Google Cloud hard drive

Can someone point me to what to put in the blanks for adding a new disk drive? I have an M1 Mac mini with an attached 2GB SSD. Rpi3 HiFi Berry. My music is in the cloud in a Google Drive.

What do I fill in for Alias, NAS IP address and Path?

I’ve tried everything I can think of including looking through the help files with no success.

Volumio looks for drives/shares available on your local network, and there is not a simple way of using your Google Drive as a source. However, I suspect that it could be done with some fiddling around at the command line in Volumio. Have a Google for “Google Drive”, and see what you can turn up. Here’s one link to get you going Cloud sync on external drive .

Edit: to be clear, you do want to access files on the G-drive, and not on the SSD drive?

Thank you. I wasn’t clear. I’d like to access the Google Drive\Music through accessing it on the SSD. I thought there might be a way to access the SSD subfolder which is named “Google Drive” which if I click on it shows me my song library on Google.
Probably not possible.
If this is problematic I can move the song library to this or another SSD and access it there if I could properly fill in the blanks forWhat do I fill in for Alias, NAS IP address and Path?

Ah ok, that’s easier. Share your ssd folder. IP address will be that of your Mac, alias is whatever you want to call the music source, path will be that of your share.

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I tried to follow your directions. I end up with: as the IP address of the Mac Mini

2TB SSD marked “shared”

\2TB SSD\Users\ronaldcompton\Music\Music as the Subfolder Path

PW and user name filled in

This gets me a red X not mounted

I obviously am doing something wrong.

Yes, your path is not actually what is being shared. Now, I know nothing about Apple products, but presumably that is a Samba (SMB) share. You need to know the share name which is not necessarily the same as the actual path name on your SSD … no idea how you will get that (have a Google) or just try Music, \Music, Music\Music or \Music\Music. Good luck.

Edit: if you can access the command line on the RPi, you could try:

smbclient -L

which should list any Samba shares that the RPi is seeing.

Edit: you may need to set the cifs version number under ‘options’ depending on what your Mac is using e.g. ‘vers=3.0’ (without the quotes).

Tried that no joy.
I loaded the URL of my Mac Studio in Volumio but the path to the Google Drive through my Mac Studio doesn’t work in Volumio. I also don’t know how or if Google Drive can be added directly. It seems as though one can’t add a referred drive (like Googe Drive through a Mac) into Volumio. Is that correct?
If it can be done, how would one write the path?