New Webradion doesn't work

I try to add now several times a new Webradio Station, on many different ways and settings.
But non of these attempts work.
In general work Webradio, the BBC World Station for example works fine.

Here my used Version: Linux volumio 3.18.5-v7+ #748; Volumio Free Audiophile Linux Music Player - Version 1.55

Here now my several different attempts, I hope you can explain me whats wrong?!

  1. Attempt:
    I add via the Volumio Webinterface the new Webradio Station, typ in a Name (WDR2) and the Webstream URL ( It end in a .pls File, what I think it’s wrong, I think I need a m3u File.

  2. Attemp:
    I add by hand a .m3u File to the Folder /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO. Content was only one row with the Webstream URL ( And it doesn’t work!

  3. Attemp:
    I search a little more via Google a found the info, download the .m3u File.
    So I change to the Folder: /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO and download the .m3u via wget
    This end in a wdr2.m3u file who contains only one row with this URL: wdr-mp3-m-wdr2-koeln.akacast.aka … wdr2-koeln.
    It doesn’t work, but I think in principle correct!

  4. Attemp:
    I change the Owner of the Folder and Files /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO to Group: audio und User: mpd.
    I changed also the permissions to 777. But it doesn’t work!?

I hope someone of you can help me!?!

As you’re looking for a German station, I assume you’re German as well? Check out this page:
There’s a section “Radiosender hinzufügen”, if you follow the steps described there, you should succeed.