New user with a couple questions about audio streaming

Hello, I just started using volumio, everything is working fine, however I would like to find away to stream my pc audio to it. I am using a raspberry pi4 as my volumio machine, I tried using “Stream what you hear” to get my pc audio to come out of my speakers (Via upnp/dlna i think), and despite it showing up in the media server tab it wouldn’t connect and would just play whatever was already playing on the rpi. While a wireless solution would be elegant, I am fine with connecting a cable from my computer to the pi.
Wireless option

  • is there a way to use the network to have my pc audio go through the pi to my speakers
  • can this be done via bluetooth without to much audio delay?
    Wired option
  • I am fine using a aux, usb, etc to get my audio to the PC, i just don’t know what the best way to that is
  • I have seen people use usb audio cards with Pis before, is there compatibility with volumio

Side note: has anyone tried connecting a record player to the pi