New user questions re Qobuz & organizing music on Volumio

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.777
Hardware: Pi2AES
DAC: Yggdrasil

Hi all, some basic questions. I am up and running version 2.777 with Qobuz. The main question I have is how are people managing their music? I can add albums and tracks within the Qobuz section of Volumio, or create a playlist inside Volumio’s playlist (but not inside of the Qobuz section, or so it seems). I can’t figure out how to get anything into the Artists or Favorites, etc in Volumio’s UI. Nor can I figure out how to sort any of these areas - it seems like the UI only presents them in the order they were added.

So… how are others managing their music so that it’s user friendly, easy to find specific album or track? Thanks…