New user questions - NVMe install

Dear All, this is my first post on Volumio forum, so hope you will have patience with me :slight_smile:
I have used Daphile for almost 2 years, than I tried recently wtfplay player - love the SQ but not the UI… and looks like new Volumio match wtfplay in SQ and Daphile in headless UI.
I have tried new Volumio 3 beta and all workr great…I would love to install on NVMe SSD internal drive once booted from USB and here is my question / sorry for longer intro - will the installation format internal drive? Or do I have to do any preparation and remove previous Daphile installation (there are 3 partiotions created by Daphile)…
Thank you very much.

As far as I am aware the ‘installation to disk’ should remove anything that was originally installed on it (the drive is repartitioned).

Thanks a lot