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I’m a retired DJ. I’m an IT engineer too! I’m an audiophile who love many music styles. Surely, i’m a techie and in my job, i manage Linux servers, i do networks, security, etc. I did many projetcs involving multimedia like Singapore National Museum, projects with One Drop foundation (Cirque du Soleil), Celine Dion, etc. I did pro sound (live mixing, speakers/soundsystem engineering, etc). Build my own Pro and HiFi boxes, my own electronic crossovers. As a retired DJ, i’m slowly recording vinyls, cleaning them and storing them in FLAC format using: Dual CS-5000, Rotel RQ970BX, RME Fireface UC.

In the 80’s, i was a reading a lot on hi-fi systems and have many good memories about high end audio like Linn Sondek LP12, Oracle Delphi, Classé, Mark Levinson, Naim, Snell, etc. For the last few years, my soundsystem was Emotiva (UMC-1 Preamp, XPA-5 AMP with my own build speakers: Vifa / Peerless), used mainly for watching movies. Last fall, i decided to come back to HiFi and purchased a new stereo HiFi soundsystem; Rega DAC-R, Rega Elex-R and Ryan R610. I love the sound! For source, i have a full blown PC (dual boot Linux / Winblows) plugged into the DAC-R via Async USB. My music collection is huge and i made the move from CD to FLAC using a file server. On the PC, i use Clementine (Linux) and Foobar (Windoze) with the remote plugin + app on my Android Phone. I was about to test MPD!

I recently bought a Raspberry PI 3 and installed Volumio. It is now plugged into the Rega DAC-R via Async USB. The XMOS chip on the DAC-R was recongnized right out of the box.

I have many good things to say about Volumio (thanks guys for assembling / providing it!). On the other hand, there are a few quirks and i’d like to help if i can. I see a lot of potential for Volumio, add a few things here and there and you get a very nice and good player (it’s already really nice, don’t get me wrong, i utterly respect the work done). On the past, one part of my job was to test new telecom equipments, procotols, etc (Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, etc) so i’m used to technically analyzing and reporting…

I am so glad such an experienced and brilliant user is joining us, and yes, I look forward to hear what you can suggest to make volumio better!
Feel free to contact me directly if you feel at info at volumio dot org

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