New User from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Aread

Hello, from Toronto Ontario Canada area.

I am a 40+ year Audiophile who has enjoyed a dedicated Audio Room (no video, just audio gear, a little room treatment and a chair) for my listening pleasure. For the last 15 years I have kept my digital music on my server in lossless format (not sure of size but it is about 36 days of music) while using a Linux (presently Ubuntu Studio) computer and Rhythmbox (it was one of the few touting gap-less playback at the time). And due to inertia and my laziness have never tried anything else as it worked and met my needs (however I an not sure it was bit perfect).

So my Audiophile Friend convinced me to buy the Topping D10B and I decided to try Volumio on a Pi4 and so far I love it. I love that it touts bit perfect playback which seems to be a dirty secret on regular Linux, Windows and Apple.

The one thing I do miss (and use a lot) is shuffle play of my entire collection. I read about putting it in a play list but it slows things down. I may try this at some point.

Also, I would love to port my 15 years of play lists from Rhythm box so I will continue to search this and figure it out.

Finally, thank you to all those involved in volumio as listening to music is a big part of my life!

P.S.- Any one in the greater Niagara Region interested in talking and showing off their Audio Gear?