New user experience

Thank you for a really nice player ! Just found RaspyFi a couple of weeks ago and did run it with ethernet, USB audio disc and USB DAC. Worked quite well. Did get a good sound but pops, cracks on 16bit/44.1kHz and it was horrible on the high res music. Did the “USB Audio fix”. After that still pops and cracks on 16bit/44.kHz but a big improvement on High Res music (well, yes pops and cracks there as well).

Converted to Volumio with the same set-up. Status Quo.

Went over to run Volumio with WiFi and NAS this week-end.

  1. WiFi. Took a while before I got it working. The way it worked was by putting in the ‘Wi-Fi Setup’ parameters. Reboot and then press SAVE on the ‘Interface wlan0’… ???

  2. NAS. A lot of work figuring out the NAS settings and then to get the PATH right in Volumio.

3. One problem I have is that if I reboot or turn of my RPI with WiFi I can’t get it up running again unless I start with the ethernet cable connected.
Is there a solution for this?

  1. How do I get rid of the pops and cracks that are still there ?

  2. Don’t see all the music in the Volumio Web-interface, some song are missing and I don’t understand why ? I can see them and change name and play them in my Windows computer…

(( Phi

Hi phi;-),

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After you have made the entry in ‘network’ (wifi settings) you have to save settings first- but be patient, it could take some time. Then (so I recognized it) it writes ‘no interface…’ or similar, but don’t mind, just reboot, then it should work.
If you go into network settings after rebooting, you should see the ip of your chosen wlan. From this point it builds up automatically when wlan adapter is plugged in.