New to all this - wanting to go digitally

Let me introduce myself. I am 29 and a music enthusiast. I especially love old vintage HIFI an I own a few LPs and still a lot of CDs.
I am currently using a Kenwood KA-7010 amplifier, a Dual Vinyl player / Technics CD Player, Hansa 90 SL speakers / or Grundig 850 Professional speakers.
My plan ist to digitalise all my CDs to flac and build me a nice Raspberry based player in a wooden box. What should I get to get the maximum output quality? I see to many options out there… :laughing:

Thanks for helping me throught that jungle :wink:

Welcome to the jungle.
Here’s a link to an informative YouTube channel. This particular video is just what you need to start with.
(He goes into specific DAC board / power supply reviews etc. in other videos)

I ripped around 1000 cds (and a fair bit of vinyl) to FLAC files using EAC (Exact Audio Copy).

Take my advice and BACKUP your rips as soon as you can. Ensuring all metadata is correct / finding highest quality artwork takes a lot of time…YOU WILL ONLY WANT TO DO YOUR COLLECTION ONCE.

Good luck.

Backup yes! I am rebuilding my library after a drive went bad. Painful.

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As has been said, you only want to rip once, so back up and make sure every file is just as you want it, don’t rush and take your time.
Good luck in the journey, oh and welcome aboard.