New Product: miniDSP SHD with Volumio

Looks very cool!

No idea on the price yet.

I really like the 4 outs, making it easy to XO between woofer and tweeter, or sub with speaker set.

Great idea! … shd-series

Wow… way too much excitement in here.


Well, I am excited!!!

Internal sample rate 96 kHz? How is that supposed to be current technology? And how can it accept 192 kHz from external sources while using 96 kHz internally? I must be missing something here… but what is it?

I would love one of these, but can’t stomach the price. I just got my Volumio setup running and intend to stick a MiniDsp NanoDIgi on the other side of my asynchronus spdif output to make all digital active stereo subwoofer crossover, delay and eq with it. Much smaller investment and should ultimately accomplish many of the same goals.