new portable setup

Hi I’m using a rasp pi with a usb dac wirelessly streaming music from my server but I want a more portable setup. Options are rasp pi B+ with iqaudio dac+ as it has the head amp with iqaudio case with music on usb. However this needs a wifi setup so I can talk to it with my tablet. Would I be better off getting a LCD screen to show song info (I see some have buttons for control) and/or ir controller (like the one from geekroo) to control with a remote? Which would remove the reliance on wifi but would need a custom case. Trying to keep cost down and device small. Open to suggestions. I’m from rural Australia so sourcing parts is not simple.

If you dont have the R-Pi already you could consider using a model A+, this is much compacter.
You can add an IR-Reciever on one of the GPIO’s you wouldn’t need an special case for that, just drill a small hole in the case you already have and make sure the wires wont get stuck.

Sid_d wrote an good piece about IR control he also uses an iqaudio dac: using-remote-with-volumio-t1923.html

You could also make some local buttons on the case that control volumio via the GPIO’s, but a small touchscreen would be nicer if you can get it to work.
see: volumio-touch-screen-t2035.html

On the model A you could then use the usb for an tumbdrive as music library, or you could grab a larger SD and store your music there. You would need to increase the parition size. See the FAQ: faq-and-the-answers-for-t1545.html

Thanks MobeyDuck. Good links. I think I’ll still go the B+ as I might need the extra usb for wifi for use at home. Although I kinda want both now:) I’ll keep posting on how I get on.