New pi user from California

Hi all,
I’m fairly new to hi-fi audio and recently put together my first two channel stereo. I learned about Volumio by The cheap audio man on YouTube. Have since began researching about it and received my pi 3B+ yesterday. Now, I need to learn how to set it up and that’s why I am here.
I like to Play with technology and happen to be The go two guy when it comes to technology among my friends and family. I am also blind and enjoy lifting and hiking.

Welcome ElMuchacho to Volumio. :smiley:

Feel free to ask whatever questions you like in a separate, appropriately titled post. I would be interested though to hear from you how you deal with technology such as this without sight (pardon my ignorance). It might be good, for others following in your footsteps, to document your journey with Volumio and hifi audio.

thanks for the warm welcome. I access the computer with JAWS screen reader for Windows. This software is a paid software that enables one to access the computer. I also use the iPhone with the integrated voiceover screen reader accessibility which is what I will be using to manage Volumio app on iPhone to control the player features. These technologies have empowered many including my self to perform many tasks that our sighted peers can accomplish.
Here is a Youtube video that can describe in better detail the just of accessing the computer.

More videos can be found on youtube if you type some of the keywords that i have mentioned above.

I do like to publish content and share information with my friends, as i go through this journey I will consider putting something together so that others in similar shoes can benefit from it and enjoy the music.