New Install - Wifi password not accepted

The ‘volumio2’ password doesn’t work on the volumio-2.729-2020-03-18-pi image. I tried an iPhone, MacOS and Windows10 when connection to the ‘Volumio’ wi-fi network. None connect.


I gave up - I got Forked-daapd running so am using that.

It’d be good to get this resolved though.

At some point this calendar year, the Volumio updates, when applied to a Pi2 with external Edimax wireless seem to have difficulty with the Hotspot bootstrap. The SSID “Volumio” shows up but the default password “volumio2” isn’t accepted. I believe this was first reported in April but I haven’t seen any indication if it is being resolved or if there is a workaround. This condition remains manifest in the latest production version.