New install: webui not starting

Hi there,

I’ve just upgraded one of my old Volumio RPi endpoints to 2.0 using a fresh 0.979 image.

However, the web ui doesn’t seem to start. I can ping the unit and ssh into it just fine, but port 80 is refusing connections. Browsing to volumio.local doesn’t work either. Trying to run the volumio command line results in:

$ volumio status
/volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/volumio_command_line_client/ line 39: /volumio/app/plugins/user_interface/volumio_command_line_client/commands/status.js: No such file or directory

I’ve watched the boot on the HDMI output and don’t see anything leaping out at me as bad. What should I look at first?


You can try to remove the content of /data and restart. But you will lose ALL your settings…

Hi Balbuze

it doesn’t make any difference when I removed it - same behaviour.

As I said in the original post, it’s a fresh install that doesn’t start up so I have no settings; anything that is in /data is what shipped on the image.


The first start, on PI1, takes at least 5 minutes. Reflash, leave him alone for 5 minutes and you’ll see volumio come alive