New install - no audio - no display


I just downloaded and installed Volumio/raspyfi and although the web interface works, there is no sound output (and nothing coming out of the HDMI at all).

It is plugged into a Lindy HDMI convertor that gives out HDMI and digital audio to my DAC. The same system works fine on raspbmc.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Did you start the Raspberry with the HDMI plugged in? Try to disable hardware volume, from playback settings. Then reboot


sudo alsamixer

it’s always muted in my system.

Really? Ok, gonna develop a fix for that, some people are affected by this and for less experienced users this is just a difficult culprit to spot

I have a similar problem. I had to type: sudo amixer cset numid=3 1 to get mine to work.

the new version works fine.

Hi everybody,
I have the problem on my Udoo. At first Installation everything works fine, next day no audio Output. I tried everything I could. Reboot, new Installation, all possible settings…If someone has an idea what to do…if I have to program anyting, please describe how to do that. I´ve no experiance in that…

Thank you mate. Had the same problem and couldn’t figure out how to solve it.
I was messing with settings for a hour when I found this post.

Thank you