New here, new with Volumio

a swede here, I like tinkering with all stuff electronic.
I run a Proxmox server at home with some games (Minecraft, Quake, Terraria), files, webserver, cloud save (Seafile) and so on.
I have loads of Pis it seems, cameras and temp/humidity in our cornsnakes terrarium, Kodi, Retropie, radio in the garage, Domoticz… Anything I can think of solving with a Pie really.
Until now I have been using Chromecast to play music in our living room but recently I started thinking about trying Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 2.
I’m still waiting for the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro for it.
But I want it to be somewhat automatic and controllable by Google assistant, at least simple stuff like start and stop, and also turning the receiver on and off at the same time.
I wrote a how to and a script in this forum for it, but it has disappeared, any moderators know why? There is nothing wrong in it I think, I just added a link to github and then the thread was gone.
Perhaps it should be moved to a Guide forum instead?

It looks like this in the “Diy and Tweaks” forum, but when I click it my post is not there.

Anyway, the radio in my garage is the best thing about the garage, except maybe the car in the garage :stuck_out_tongue:
When you turn the lights on it starts playing music after bit of delay. It’s a playlist that is started through mpc, there is a display and some buttons on the box so you can change tracks, start, stop and so on.
The power to the raspberry comes from the light circuit so its killed when the lights go off. As nothing is written to the sdcard in the pi it does not brake.
It’s ugly and it looks like I need to do a bit of dusting, but it sound good and I can’t work without music.

Hi, love your enthusiasm! Keep it up! The only Swede I know is vill du fika, which I’d do if I’d lived in Sweden :slight_smile:
Welcome on board