New guy here: Works great buyt no sound with other devices

Hello. I have latest version (.979) running on Pi3 with HiFI Berry DAC+. All works great connected to my old Marantz amp. Love the sound. When I connect remotely via Kindle Fire or iPad I connect fine, can change tunes, etc., on the Pi, but I get no sound from the remote device via earpods. If I can connect and see the remote Pi and Volumio via my iPad and Kindle, manipulate the music, etc., why can’t I hear the music remotely with these devices?
What am I missing here? Thanks in advance! Desert Dog

Also new here :slight_smile:
Have you checked the “output device” at playback options? I had the same problem irregularly: the “audio jack” instead of “hifiberry dac” was activated!

better reading two times…
i don’t think you can get the sound by remote device this way; it is for controlling volumio and raspi.