new DAC


I changed my Audiophonics ES9038 by the Waveshare WM8960.
I installed the module from on my RPI3.
Of course the install didn’t work well on Volumio
and the soundcard doesn’t play AT ALL.
The same installation process on Raspbian works perfectly with VLC & VLC Remote from my phone.
Unfortunately, VLC is a little bit raw.
I did a lot of research on Linux (forums) but couldn’t find any solution.
Sound on Linux is quite fiendly.
Is there any idea ?

install wm8960 Volumio 01.jpg

Just curious, why did you switch from an audiophonics to a waveshare?

because Wolfson has a better chip

Seriously? By what measures or analyses?

The Wolfson WM8960 is a device for portable use or for games consoles (‘portable digital audio applications’) and the spec is appropriate to that use-case. ‘DAC SNR 98dB (‘A’ weighted), THD -84dB at 48kHz, 3.3V’ is dreadful by comparison to a TDA1541 (found in ApplePi DAC and others, 112dB and -95dB). To jump from ESS9038 to WM8960 is an act of bravery re your hearing, so that board must be doing something else for your particular instance…

Chris M

Before the run of the kernel driver installer script ( run the following command:

sudo volumio kernelsource

To make the IS2 work insert the following line in /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dac/dacs.json after the {“name”:“Raspberry PI”,“data”:[ line

{"id":"wm8960-soundcard","name":"Waveshare - WM8960","overlay":"wm8960-soundcard","alsanum":"0","mixer":"","modules":"","script":"","needsreboot":"no"},

EDIT: it works with 2.692 but not with 2.668 or 2.657