New DAC for RPI with subwhoofer out (2.1 or 2.2)

Hi to all,

We have designed a new DAC working with any SBC/RPI (i2s)

We are using 2 DAC ics PCM5142 with integrated DSP. The PurePath software from TI is available for download (registration required) and can be used to create specific filters and other audio functions.

The board will come pre programed as a 2.1 output (but you can create your own custom design and load it the board and can access the xover frequency directly from linux (we made a small app)

Hardware wise , we have split the digital and analog side with LDOs and we feed the analog side using an extremely capable (low noise ultrahigh psrr) LT3042. Basically each board has 4 LDO (2 for each DAC ic) (note that digital side uses cheaper LDOs)

Of course , on the analog side we used only thin film resistors and poly caps in audiopath.

This DAC has RCA outputs but also a small connector that will connect to our TPA3118 AMP shield (only LR)

I am including a video of the Purepath so you can see the capabilities of soft. We are able to have 4 poles crossover filters , volume etc for files that are 24/192Khz

We send only HPF frequency’s over 80Hz (chose from 60-150Hz) to main speakers and rest LPF to subwoofer.
Its hard to explain the sound improvement , but he unit sounds clean , effortless .

Please let me know your thoughts.

i looking for this development.

hi librehomme,
let me know if you have questions.
you can PM me, I speak French as well.

in terms of availability, by the end of the month.

dac hpa.JPG

Here is the finished scheme. Who will make such a device for RPI & Odroid ?
…in RPI Zero formfactor 65mmx30mm ?

Hello Solaar,
i guess you are looking for someone to manufacture…
Sorry but at this pint we are not interested.
Let me know if you are interested in our DAC