new DAC for RPI Cirrus Logic

Hi people.

This is a video for the new Cirrus Logic Audio Card for Rpi … dp/84X8125

This Audio Card is compatible with Volumio? :slight_smile:

Hi HardBit,

I can’t give you a unanimous yes but I would assume that any soundcard that’s compaitible with the PI should just work with Volumio. FYI, I’ve just ordered one of these… based on my initial impressions with the HiFiberry DAC, which I’ve found to be a few leagues down compared to either of the dedictaed DAC’s I have (Benchmark DAC 1 and Musical Fideliry V-DAC II). I plan to hook the Cirrus Logic up to the Benchmark via SPDIF. Will let you know how it goes…


Looks like it is the wolfson sound card but then in a hat form factor.
Looking at both the data-sheets confirms this, they both use the same 3/4 chips.

WM5102 audio CODEC
WM8804 SPDIF receiver/transmitter
WM7220 Digital Microphone Module

Cirrus Logic
Based on Cirrus Logic ’s WM5102 audio hub
WM8804 S/PDIF transceiver
and a pair of WM7220 digital microphone ICs

So you would probably use the wolfson drivers / workaround

All, Cirrus Logic bought Wolfson almost a year ago.

This is their updated Farnell audio card for the B+/A+

Newark (element 14) is the US name for Farnell

I’m not 100% sure if the Wolfson/Farnell/Cirus login drivers and configuration have made it into the Linux kernel yet - they have had a few engineers try to get this in but there have been several issues wrt compatibility.

I think you still have to build a custom kernel to support the Cirrus Logic board … g-the-code

Has anyone experiences in building the kernel and running it with volumio?

From what I understand the Cirrus Logic and the Wolfson Card are identical with the exception of the connection to the Raspberry PI. The software is the same for either card. Please see the two links below for more information. … 015-update


I just rolled this guy’s kernel into 1.55 successfully. This is for the Wolfson version however I believe it’s still the same driver. … a-new-try/

This Wolfson card has been out for a year now yet there’s still plenty of fiddling to be done to get it to work with anything!
Was it badly designed or something? Wasn’t it meant to be an official RPi Foundation device?

Here you can find an easy to install .deb-file for install a kernel with
-realtime support
-v 3.12.33
-support for Wolfson DAC
-support for Cirrus Logic DAC (untested)

Is there any success story for the Cirrus Logic Audio Card, RPI2 and Volumio?