New bugfix Version to be released soon

Dear guys,
since the vast response on Volumio’s launch, and lot of fellow RaspyFi’s users that are reporting some bugs, instead of relaxing and enjoying the Volumio’s rise :smiley: I decided to release in short times a revised Volumio beta, ONLY for Raspberry PI since it seems the most troublesome platform as of now (now you little insubordinate piece of silicon!)
You deserve your music to be played as it should!!!

So, these are the current bugs that have emerged, and that I’m going to fix:
1-improve current kernel and further optimize it (I’m not going back on previous versions since I strongly want Volumio to support i2s Audio out)
2- Restore ape, wav and other files support. This is currently disabled due to ffmpeg library issues, that results in database update to take ages to complete (and sometimes not to complete at all). I’ll keep however the possibility to enable a safe mode for the ones who were experiencing database updates problems.
3-Fixing shutdown to result in reboot instead
4- Fixing audio playback with some DACs in some configurations
5- Fixing bad webradio to result in system to freeze
6- Fixing reboot while playing resulting in system freeze

There should be also the non-linear volume control fix, but this is going to take quite a long time to fix… So it will be delayed…

If you are experiencing other heavy issues, please post them here and we’ll see what can be done. The new version could be online in less than a week, hope I got enough time to do things properly (as I really overwhelmed by my daytime jobs right now, lol :smiley: )


UPDATE: I’m applying the fixes, and as of now the system has proved to be stable, sound quality has slightly improved… Waiting for more feedbacks prior to release it …

“waiting for feedback” -> UPLOAD !!!


Opus support? … great work so far. Looking forward to the next release.

You mean opus dac?

Ciao Michelangelo,

I have a Raspberry Pi, a Dac Magic and a V-Link and would love to use Volumio to connect them. In the current Beta version, Volumio recognizes the V-Link but does not send signals to it. It does not recognize the Dac Magic at all. Please post you bugfix so I can test with it.

Molte grazie,

Verify its not muted with alsamixer!

Finished correcting some bugfixes, now testing if everything is allright, then dinner with girlfriend and tomorrow you’ll find a little present…

Found also something interesting, on the PI renicing mpd to -20 has opposite effect, sound gets crackier instead of better… Going to investigate on that…

By Opus I meant the Opus audio codec. Would this tie into ffmpeg being disabled for database update efficiency?

Downloading…thanks a lot.


Opus should now work!