New audiophile and super flexible DAC's and class D AMP's

Hi all,

you might know us for our first generation PlainDAC and PlainAMP.
We have revised both to give you an even better user experience.

Our new audio modules now come with a special 40 pin ribbon cable connector that removes the hassle of using jumper wires but are still super flexible.


The new PlainDAC has some nice mounting holes as well as two RCA outputs.
We are using two foil type shunt capacitors and there are two ultra-low-noise LDO’s for best audio performance.
The DAC chip is a PCM5121 from Texas Instruments which offers a great sound and has integrated volume control.
All inputs and outputs are protected using TVS diodes for superb ESD immunity.
Two GPIO’s from the DAC can be accessed on an unpopulated pin header.
View it in our online shop and see the datasheet … asheet.pdf if you like to know more.


The PlainAMP was completely reengineered and it uses the same amplifier chip as the older PlainAMP (TAS5756 from TI).
Now there is a DC/DC converter onboard for powering even the RPi 3B under heavy load without the need of a separate 5V supply.
Furthermore there are now some special audio inductors as well as foil type filter capacitors for an even better sound.
Some advanced protection features were integrated as well. Over voltage, inrush current, ESD and back powering protection, as well as a resettable fuse and an I2C temperature sensor next to the amplifier IC.
There are some new kind of speaker and power connectors for a perfect and durable connection. PlainAMP now also ships with a barrel jack adapter and two speaker wires.
The mounting hole are partly compatible with the RPi ones. So you can install the PlainAMP directly on your Raspberry.
Or use the flexibility of the ribbon cable and mount it where you have some space for it.
See it in our online shop and view its datasheet for more information.

Raspberry Pi 40 pin adapter

To make you life even easier we have engineered a special “40 way pin header to ribbon cable” adapter that can be easily mounted on your Raspberry. There are also some mounting screws and spacers included.
Visit it in our shop and see the install instructions

Of course you can also connect the PlainDAC and PlainAMP to any other single-board-computer using jumper wires. E.g. Odroid C1+ and C2 are known to work well.

All of our products are made in and will ship from Germany.
If you have questions just drop me a message or visit our forum at

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