New audio USB cable doesn't function


The newly purchased USB A to B cable for between the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Loxjie dac gives an error message at Volumio and there is therefore no connection. The same happens when I install this cable between the Raspberry and an iFi nano dac. I then get the same error. It is an audio USB cable of 15 euros. Three cheap standard USB cables that I have do function well. The curious thing is that this new cable works between my desktop and dac and also between a laptop and dac (tried both times with the iFi and a Musicstreamer ll dac). Apparently there is something wrong with the connection between this audio USB cable and the Raspberry. By the way, it does not work on any USB input of the Raspberry. Is there an explanation for it? Could it be on the USB A side of the cable? I thought that was all standard.

Greetings, Bert.