Networking unstable, upgraded LINUX to "Stretch"

Hi there!
I am not asking for help, just reporting what I have done, may be that can be of help to someone?

This is what I did, it might render your installation useless, so be careful.

My volumio, running on an old Acer laptop, looses network connection frequently.

First I created a cronjob, using SSH terminal
crontab -e
and entered the following line at the end:
00 5 * * * root reboot
This makes volumio reboot at 05:00 in the morning.
This seemed to help, but still not stable.
I checked and found that Volumio is running on Debian Jessie, which is rather old…

I decided to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch, which is the next version, using this description (Debian Stretch to Buster) replacing the word buster in the source list with stretch.
I selected DEFAULT for all option during upgrade.
I have only used/tested net radio and spotify, no problems so far.
Other pluigins, and functionality can cause problems .
But it seems more stable.


*It is important to have proper backup if you try this. *
It can be tricky to roll back if you run into problems.

Check the development section, Volumio 3 Buster Beta for x86.
Much more functionality and an up-to-date kernel and firmware, which most likely will solve your network issues.
Volumiobuster-3.112-2021-10-08-x86_amd64 RC1

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I am reading up on v 3 at the moment, and will probably install Volumio 3 RC next week. Feeling really excited about this. :hugs: