Networking is a mess

A while back I installed Volumio on my Khada VIM3L with Toneboard.
I came across some network issues that are mind boggling to me.
Not because I don’t understand networking, but how things implemented in Volumio.

The VIM3L is connected by wire, so I have disabled wireless.

  1. When using DHCP to get a lease from my DHCP server it will only receive an address from the pool, not the fixed IP address I have set.
    I know how it works and it works for my other computers/devices so why it doesn’t work here I have no idea.

  2. Skipping the DHCP part I set a Static IP address via the Volumio preferences.
    That poses a different problem. I cannot set a Search Domain. Meaning, there is no forward lookup possible.
    Setting this manually in /etc/resolv.conf makes it disappear during boot. It is mentioned in that file that the contents are set through something else, so kinda makes sense.

  3. Setting my two Name Servers is pointless if no Search Domain is set, but even more strangely, when looking at the /etc/resolv.conf I find my gateway address configured as well as the first of the two OpenDNS servers (the default Name Servers when switching to a Static address in Preferences.

My gateway is not a Name Server, so why is it added?

Furthermore, removing those two just makes them reappear on boot. So it’s held somewhere?

  1. This is pure speculation, but it feels like the OS is first trying to get a DHCP lease before the Volumio preferences is setting it to Static.

Anyway, I hope a Search Domain option can be added, and that my gateway and the first OpenDNS server are not added to /etc/resolv.conf anymore.